2015 Kubota ZG327PA-60


90 Hours
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27HP Kubota Gas engine - 60" commercial deck... only 90 hours


Take a turn for increased precision, efficiency and comfort with Kubota’s commercial-grade ZG327 – featuring a durable 27 HP Kubota gasoline engine and 60" mower deck.

  • Fuel Capacity: 12.7 gal (48 L)
  • Fuel Gauge: Electric
  • Displacement: 46.9 cu.in. (768 cc)
  • Engine: Kubota KGZ770-E2-MA1; Gasoline, air-cooled V-Twin with heavy-duty canister air filter ; (Stop System) Key stop
  • Max HP: (Gross) 27 HP @ 3600 rpm
  • Starting System: Key switch
  • Air Cleaner Indicator - The Z-300 Series features an air cleaner indicator that indicates when It's time to change or clean the filter, and help maintain maximum airflow capacity.
  • Built for power, durability and performance - Z300 mowers are available with durable Kubota air cooled or liquid cooled gasoline, liquid cooled diesel, or liquid propane gas (LPG) engines ranging from 21-32 gross horsepower and feature deep mower decks for exceptional cutting performance.
  • Deep Mower Deck - Kubota's extra-deep, 6.5-inch*, fabricated mower deck design allows for faster cutting-even in tall, thick, and wet grass. The extra-wide discharge chute dispenses clippings more evenly across the ground. *High efficiency, 6-inch deep deck on the ZD326H-72 models.
  • Dual Element Air Cleaner - Kubota Z-300 Series mowers come equipped with a dual-element air cleaner which features a vacuum sensor to tell you when to service the air cleaner.
  • Easy Maintenance - Maintenance has never been so easy. For interior maintenance, the sturdy seat panel is simply lifted up for clear access and an unobstructed view. By opening the hood, it's easy to perform routine maintenance, like adding oil, in mere seconds. Plus, there's a maintenance hatch on the full-flat platform, with a built-in storage pocket, for easy access to the upper mower, gearbox case and universal joint parts.
  • Engine Coolant Alert - ZD300 Models Mowers emit a warning alert if engine coolant temperatures run too high. It's another practical feature that helps keep this commercial mower running smoothly.
  • Hands-Free Hydraulic Lift - Kubota's advanced hydraulic deck lift pedal system allows the operator to easily raise and lower the deck with foot pedals, so easy access and quick response Is never a problem.
  • Large Fuel Tank - The fuel capacity for the Z-300 series is 12.9 gallons and Includes two fuel tanks. This allows the operator to work longer and more efficiently without stopping to refuel. This fea1ure is especially handy for those big jobs.
  • Large-Diameter Rear Tires - Z-300 Series Mowers feature large-diameter, sturdy rear tires for improved stability, durability and handling. The ZG327, ZD331, ZD326 and the ZD323 come standard with big 26x12.0-12 tires.
  • Maintenance Lift - Kubota’s innovative two-pin, tilt-up, lift feature allows the front of the Z300 Series to be easily raised without having to remove the mid-mount mower, making routine maintenance underneath the mower quick and simple. It’s like having a built-in jack right there when you need it. *Stand type maintenance lift kit is optional on ZG327 and ZG332.
  • Mower Deck Features - The edges of the mower deck greatly reduce grass blowback and help keep lawns looking nice and clean, particularly in dry conditions. The mower deck's advanced baffle design improves airflow to better discharge grass clippings, optimizing cutting performance for every job.
  • Mower Link Lift - The Z-300 Series mowers feature strong lift link components, including a sturdy lift shaft, a thick lift arm, and a wide shaft diameter.
  • Parking Brake (Hands-free) - With Z-300 Series Mowers, you don't need separate levers or special switches to set the parking brake; you only need to depress the parking pedal and set the parking lock. Both are conveniently placed directly in front of you on the angled foo1boan:I for easy access.
  • Swivel Anti-Scalp Rollers - To prevent unsightly turf damage, we've equipped the 60" and 72" mower decks with independently functioning anti-scalp rollers that rotate a full 360 degrees.
  • Tie Down - This strong and durable tie down Is ideal for securing and loading the Z-300 Series onto a flatbed truck, making transportation a breeze.
  • Speed range: (forward / reverse): (Travel) 0-10.6 mph (0-17.0 km/h) / 0-5.3 mph (0-8.5 km/h)
  • Transmission: 2-HST w/Gear Reduction
  • Brake: Wet single disk
  • Tires Front: 15 x 6.0-6 Non-flat
  • Tires Rear: 26 x 12.0-12
  • Wheelbase: 55.5 in (1410 mm)
  • Blade Tip Speed: (Max) 18100 FPM
  • Depth: (Deck) 6.5 in (165 mm)
  • Overall Height: (w/ROPS Upright) 75.4 in (1915 mm) ; (w/ROPS Folded) 61.2 in (1555 mm)
  • Overall Length: 87.8 in (2230 mm)
  • Overall Width: (w/Mower) 75.2 in (1911 mm) ; (w/o Mower) 57.5 in (1460 mm)
  • Speed: (Control) 2-hand lever
  • Thickness: (Deck Steel) 0.18 in (4.6 mm), 0.17 in (4.2 mm)
  • Weight: (w/Mower) 1565 lbs (710 kg)
General Information
  • Alternator Capacity: 13.4 amps at 12 volts
  • Anit-Scalp Rollers: Rigid
  • Battery: U1L10 (12V, RC: 22 min., CCA: 300, CA: 365)
  • Belt: Multi-belt
  • Lift: (Mower System) Hydraulic
  • Model #: (Mower Deck) RCK60P-327Z
  • Mounting: (Mower) Quick joint, parallel linkage
  • Mower Cutting Height: 1 in - 5 in / 1/4 in increments
  • Mower Cutting Width: 60 in.
  • Mowing Deck: Pro-commercial -- Fabricated deck
  • Number of Blades: 3
  • Standard: Hour meter
  • Tread: (Front) 38.4 in (975 mm) ; (Rear) 45.3 in (1150 mm)
Power Take-off (pto)
  • Brake PTO: Wet single disk
  • Clutch PTO: Hydraulic independent PTO clutch with wet multi disks
  • Standard PTO: Shaft drive



Horse Power
(Gross) 27 HP @ 3600 rpm
Engine Type
Kubota KGZ770-E2-MA1; Gasoline, air-cooled V-Twin with heavy-duty canister air filter ; (Stop System) Key stop
46.9 cu.in. (768 cc)


2-HST w/Gear Reduction
Fuel Capacity
12.7 gal (48 L)


Deck Size
Pro-commercial -- Fabricated deck